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R&D and Design are the Inexhaustible Source of Eastar Development

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R&D and Design are the Inexhaustible Source of Eastar Development

The R&D and design development of the enterprise is like a pyramid. It needs to be layered in order to create a miracle of performance. Today, Eastar has developed for 11 years. From the obscurity of the nobody, it has now become the top ten led display exporters in China. Each time independent research and development and breakthrough innovation for LED companies, research and development of various patent products, bring high-level repurchase from customers around the world, like Eastar Dazzle Series has exceeded CNY 100 million sales for many years.

Lots of success has proved that R&D and design are the source of sustainable development for the company. Since the company was founded in 2007, up to now, 11 years of development, we has been won 130 patents, all kinds of certificates are enough to fill a 50 square meters room.  

And like the next step to talk about Eastar VE series, BIM Plus series, Dazzle series, it is a good example of our R & D and innovation corporate philosophy.

Original design red dot award, VE series

The ultimate in innovative design products is of course our VE series, which won the Red Dot Design Award. The Red Dot Design Award can be traced back to 1955. It is the largest and most influential competition in the world's famous design competition, it is called "Oscar" in industrial design.

The German Red Dot Design Award, founded by the German Design Association, has a history of more than 60 years. Through competitions in product design, communication design and design concepts, it attracts more than 60 countries and 10,000 works each year. The winning entries will be available at the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany, as well as the opportunity to participate in the awards ceremony.

The VE series cabinet adopts a golden ratio of 16:9, which can easily splicing 1080P or 4K large screens. The gap between the cabinets can be adjusted to achieve seamless splicing. In terms of color reproduction, the VE series truly restores the rich colors and colors of nature. The degree of reduction is completely undistorted, just like the mirror used in your life. The real thing is your original appearance. If you don't exist, you are Feng Sister's beautiful figure distortion and become Taylor Swift. For places like national security monitoring, or where the meeting requires high screen quality, the VE series will be used to solve the problem.

The other product is Dazzle series that has been ranked first in the sales list for more than 100 million sales!

High sales volume has a reason, its high definition, and various special-shaped mosaic shapes; such a colorful series design is very convenient and subtle; the box module can be removed from the front, and can be removed from the back for front and rear maintenance; If it breaks, just take it and replace it and you can use it. Imagine if you are struggling to set up a large concert, but the display on the stage suddenly has a light body that is not so bright, let alone this successful singing, and you may be worried about the installation problem, will it be very Complex, you can be sure to tell you the fool-like operation, stretch the wrist, change the lights and get it!

BIM Plus for multi-creative deformation

For example, Eastar's BIM Plus cabinet structure is die-casted at both ends, with profile processing in the middle, and the design is rich in layers, which makes the design industry more delicate and beautiful, and the size of the cabinet is designed to meet the different needs of different customers. 250mm * 750mm, 250mm * 1000mm, and the biggest feature of BIM plus is light, light as 10 bottles of 500ML drinking water, a primary school student can also lift; thickness is only a 4.2 cm power bank thickness. The best part is that BIM Plus can achieve creative styling, replace modules, no need to make any adjustments, no need to re-send data.

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