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We're Hiring Global Sales Elites Now

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We're Hiring Global Sales Elites Now

Recruitment of Global Sales

Job Position: Salesman/ Sales Manager

Recruitment Range: Global

Recruiting of Numbers: Some

Salary Negotiable

Job Responsibilities:

1, Customer Development: to search for new customers and explore customers’ project demand, then make new customer be dealing with customers;

2, Business Meeting: to organize the business meeting about sales contract with customers, then facilitate the signing of the sales contract;

3, Customer Relationship: to interact with customers and know about customers’ latest situation on a regular basis, then seek the opportunities of new orders and increase the repeat purchasing rate;

4, Market Survey: to submit or give feedback about the latest regional market situation, meanwhile pay attention to the analysis of the competitive products;

5, Other Duties: to assist the job of our Marketing Department work, such as the organization and participation of overseas fair, wine party and new product launch event;

Job Requirement:

1, To have excellent written expression and fluency in spoken English(Espanol/French/German/Russian/Arabic, etc), can use English and other foreign language as your working language;

2, 3 years experience in sales, you will be preferred if any experience in the LED Industry;

3, Good team management and organizational skills.

Contact Information:




+31 620644942