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LED Display Industry Trends in 2019

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LED Display Industry Trends in 2019

Since the beginning of the spring, the LED display industry has been busy and fulfilling. From the opening of the Shenzhen International LED on February 21, to the end of March 6, the ISLE Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition ended, two consecutive periods, two consecutive periods. The industry exhibitions have brought you the latest industry hotspots and trends, and wherever they go, they are full of confidence and expectations for the future development of LED displays. With these two exhibitions, we just predicted the LED display industry trends.

Small spacing enters a stable period, market competition will enter the Red Sea from the Blue Sea

In the past few years, the small-pitch LED display market has shown an explosive growth trend, and the accumulated market size has exceeded an order of magnitude in several years. Even so, the industry is still very optimistic about the development of the small-pitch LED industry. Even some industry companies believe that the current high demand growth state can last at least three years.

At this year's opening two exhibitions, the focus of the manufacturers has changed from last year. Although the small spacing is still the protagonist of the exhibition, with the maturity of the current technology development, the market's focus is shifting from pursuing technological advancement to pursuing product maturity and product scene innovation and application, and the product is about to enter a stable period, which also indicates The small-pitch LED technology with the surface-mounting process as the core has been highly mature. COB and flip-chip COB are on the exhibition site. Many enterprises have also exhibited relatively mature products. The future competition point has turned to “periphery” and the market competition will be The blue ocean entered the Red Sea, and the era of profiteering is coming to an end.

LED screen technology development will shift to product structural innovation

The product form of the traditional LED display market is highly singular. However, with the development of market demand, LED display screens have also developed from technological development to product structural innovation, thus creating more new application forms. For example, at this exhibition, many manufacturers abandoned the conventional LED display product display, and cast the olive branch to the structural innovation products such as shaped screen, floor tile screen and transparent screen. Although traditional conventional LED displays still have a large share in the market, at the same time, these LED display screens, which are full of advanced display technologies and specific scene applications, are leading the industry trend.

Traditional conventional LED display products are increasingly concentrated in the industry and are a feedback from the market on homogenized products. Under the relatively mature and stable market conditions of product technology, through the structural development of specific application scenarios, expanding their living space and improving the product innovation ability, enterprises can get rid of the competitive Red Sea and survive better in the market. With the deep mining of application scenarios of various manufacturers, manufacturers with better structural requirements such as multiple application scenarios will develop at a speed that is clearly ahead of their peers.

Full application scenario to segmentation field LED screen enterprise development new direction

LED display industry product application scenarios are becoming more and more segmented. Recently, there are some small and medium-sized screen enterprises that have outstanding performance in a certain segment. It can also be seen from the two major exhibitions that more and more LED display companies are beginning to develop in the segmentation field. The market segmentation brings new vitality to the industry, sweeping away the haze of homogenization competition in the past. At the same time, many manufacturers take the opportunity to re-engineer new market and product strategies, focus on product development in a certain field, and gain new business opportunities. In recent years, the types of LED display screens have become more and more clear, and the development of different types of LED screens is not the same.

The emergence of new application scenarios promotes the development of segmented product technologies

First of all, the LED display has been developed in the traditional application industry such as outdoor advertising and stage rental. The products tend to be homogenized and the development potential is insufficient. In order to open up the new blue ocean market and broaden the application range of LED display, many companies participating in the exhibition have made micro-innovation to meet new application sites. The emergence of new application scenarios has promoted the development of subdivided product technologies.

Secondly, the development of urban night tours and new retail sales drive the glass screen market. In recent years, with the concept of “new retail” and the rise of the city night travel economy, the development of the commercial display market has been promoted, and at the same time, a certain incremental market has been created for LED displays. There is no doubt that the LED transparent screen is a dark horse in the field of LED display segmentation, and its wide application has been accepted by more and more users.

In addition, smart cities and smart traffic continue to promote small pitch and light pole screen applications. With the advent of the 5G era, “smart cities” will also accelerate the pace of construction. Thanks to the construction of smart transportation, many cities in China have set off the rise of smart street lamps, and the Chinese smart street lamp market has ushered in a new driving force for development. As an important part of smart street lights, smart LED light pole screen is an indispensable part of the future smart city construction. In the future, smart cities and transportation need to have a very precise grasp of the security control system, requiring higher display accuracy and better color reproduction, which will promote the continuous breakthrough of small spacing, and also make the LED display have a qualitative Upgrade.

Finally, with the rapid development of the national economy, the public's disposable spending on culture and entertainment continues to rise, more and more people pay attention to their own spiritual and cultural consumption, and entertainment performance has become one of the biggest pastimes. The consumption power of the people promotes productivity, and the vigorous development of the entertainment industry will also promote the development of LED displays to a higher definition.

Although the LED display industry experienced a lot of embarrassment in 2018 and exposed many industry problems, at the same time, through these two annual exhibitions, some well-prepared and powerful screen enterprises have given birth to new business opportunities and display opportunities. With the continuous development of the LED industry market, enterprises will surely meet the challenges of the market while enjoying the “cake” of the market. No matter what kind of field, they need a more innovative and strategic business model. At the same time, the more in the face of such huge competition and challenges, the more opportunities for companies to deepen their thinking and hard work. To be clear: LED screen enterprises will develop their own enterprises and products in a down-to-earth manner, and seize the opportunity to take off in time when the time comes.
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