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Eastar's products will attend the selection of the AV Awards

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After 21 years of development, the AV Award has become one of the most famous AV industry awards in Europe. As the world's leading LED display company, Eastar became the sponsor of the 2019 AV Awards and selected two new products, the VE series and BIM Plus, to participate in the annual display technology award.

About the 2019 AV Awards

The AV Awards are the industry's highest professional standards, and the only review of the rigorous review process and independent evaluation of AV technology end users ensures that the AV Award continues to be the industry's most important reward program. Over the past 21 years, the status of the AV Awards has grown and attracted professionals from all over the world. It is the largest and most prestigious night in the AV industry. Every part of the AV world is united, can be connected, share success, and of course party.

What is the award that Eastar is applying for?

In addition to becoming a sponsor, we also selected the VE series and BIM Plus products to compete for the "Display Technology of the Year" award. As a representative product of Eastar, these two products have many innovative features. Our VE series features 4-in-1 mini LEDs that support tiny gap adjustments and seamless stitching for better visual enjoyment. For stretch display, our BIM plus must be your best choice. There are many stitching methods, such as right angle, curvature, unique shape stitching, etc. I believe that these two products will emerge in the 2019 AV Awards.

For more than a decade, as a leading LED display company, Eastar has won many honors, and our products can pass almost all national and international certifications. After 15 years of development, we have made many achievements in the LED industry. So I think that Eastar still wins the "Best Technology of the Year" award. Let us look forward to it together.
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