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The Difference between Mini LED and Small Pitch LED

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Due to the rapid development of LED industry, many new concepts have emerged in our lives, such as Mini LED and small pitch LED? For most people, you may see many articles that describe the differences between micro LEDs, mini LEDs and OLEDs. But there is a little articles that can explain the difference between Mini LED and small pitch LED. The concept of Mini LED and small pitch LED is not at the same level. The Mini LED only refers to the size of the LED light, and the small pitch LED refers to the distance between the two LED lights. Let me introduce it in detail!

What is a mini LED?

Mini LED means that the LED 100 microns in size. Mini LEDs are a transition between traditional LED and Micro LED. It is an improved version of conventional LED backlights. Compared with the traditional LED, Mini LED also have some innovative advantages. The main features are as follows:

1. Compared with the traditional LED backlight, the brightness of Mini LED is more uniform and the contrast is higher when the blending distance is shorter. Besides, it can make the final product ultra-thin and low power consumption.

2. Combining the advantages of COB technology, the pixel pitch of the LED screen can be made smaller and smaller, which can effectively improve the customer experience. At the same time, due to the short viewing distance, it also allows LED screens to be used indoors rather than the previous LCD market.

Small pitch LED

The small-pitch LED display means that the LED dot spacing below P2.5, including P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5 and other LED display products. The small-pitch LED display allows the LED screen to be used in indoor conditions. Because of the development of small-pitch LED display technology, its resolution has been greatly improved.

More importantly, when we talk about video walls, we also think about whether the stitching gap is small enough to provide a better experience for the end user. While seamless stitching is easy with small pitch LEDs.

There is no doubt that Mini LEDs and small pitch LEDs are probably the best combinations in the LED industry. Combining these two technologies can improve the overall experience of the LED screen. Although there are still many challenges with the use of Mini LED in the small pitch LED industry, many companies have begun to study this technology. Some of them have already achieved mass production.
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