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The New Product of Esdlumen Was Launched- BIM Pro Series

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Golden ratio, ultra-light and ultra-thin

On May 28th, Esdlumen held a new product launch conference for the BIM Pro series in the headquarters of the Shenzhen headquarters. The BIM series of the company has always been the explosive product of Esdlumen, which is consistent with customers both abroad and domestically. Precisely because of this, the new BIM Pro has made a qualitative leap based on the second-generation BIM Plus, and the product is more perfect.

With the marketing director Mr.Zhang, the small pixel pitch business department general manager Mr.Liu, and the leaders of the European region unveiled the red cloth, and instantly detonated the atmosphere, the mystery of BIM Pro was finally revealed, all Esdlumen's staffs will witness this moment.

Gold ratio design, more suitable for indoor display

The principle of ergonomics points out that the best area for people to watch is the 16:9 overlapping area of the left and right eyes, commonly known as the gold viewing ratio, which is also the trend of displaying products in recent years; BIM Pro can splicing 2K/4K/8K video sources at will. Perfect for excellent image quality.

Three characteristics of BIM Pro

1. Ultra-light, ultra-thin, the weight of the box is 23Kg/m2, and the thickness is only 40mm;

2. The global exclusive module size is 256*288mm;

3. The two ends of the box are die-casted, the purpose is to strengthen the strength and precision, and the intermediate profiles are connected at both ends to reduce the weight.

BIM Pro seven major features upgrade

1. Full front maintenance;

2. Wall mounting (inheriting the excellent features of BIM PLUS);

3. New installation method - Hanging (1 hanging 8);

4. The arc can be a right angle, the angle of the single side of the box can be 0-45°, and the splicing gap is controlled within 2.5mm.

5. Wireless connection, the traditional cable is no longer used between the module and the hub box, and the pin header is hard-wired, which makes the interior simpler, and the connector failure rate drops by 75%;

6. The fine-tuning mechanism, using the design of red dot award product of VE, so that the box can be finely adjusted to the left and right, to achieve seamless stitching in the real sense;

7. Dual backup of the power and signal.

A product that is very cost-effective for the customers

At present, the new BIM Pro series indoor fixed LED display can be widely used in commercial display, conference system, media, government, enterprises, hotels, schools and other sub-sectors. with its high-cost performance and higher stability, it can create more value for influential engineering firms!

As one of the world's most popular LED display brands, Esdlumen’s products are always dedicated to exploring the future of light and shadow display and promoting the development of the LED display industry. Nowadays, the new BIM Pro inherits the excellent bloodlines of the BIM series. Its golden ratio design, extremely thin and light, stable and robust performance, and high-cost production will shine in the LED display industry!
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