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Esdlumen's fire drill in 2019

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On the afternoon of June 21, 2019, an alarm sounded around the office; then the office building was full of yellow smoke. This means that this year's company fire drill was held.

After the alarm sounded, under the guidance of the firefighters, all employees escape from the office building in an orderly manner through a safe route. In about five minutes, more than 500 people arrive at the safe place.

After all the staffs reach the designated place, the fire brigade captain began to describe the “fire safety management knowledge”. Thereafter, the captain also taught how to use the fire extinguishers. Furthermore, when the captain finished his speech, some of the employees who participated in the exercise tried to extinguish the fire by themselves with a fire extinguisher.

Finally, the leaders of Esdlumen summarized the fire drill. Through this activity, our fire safety awareness has been further strengthened and the ability to respond to emergencies has also improved. At the same time, we have acquired many useful skills, such as how to use the fire extinguisher and how to evacuate.

Fire is one of the common disasters. But if we take some effective measures before, we can prevent fire from happening.
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