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What factors will affect your transparent LED screen

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Just like traditional LED displays, transparent screens also have a useful life. In theory, the service life of an LED display is 100,000 hours, and many internal and external factors affect the service life of the LED display. According to previous statistics, the average service life of a transparent LED display on the market is about 50,000 hours. Then what factors will reduce the service life of a transparent LED display? I hope this article was helpful!

Internal factors

Internal factors usually include three aspects: peripheral components, LED light-emitting devices, and product fatigue resistance.

1. Peripheral components

Peripheral components include circuit boards, plastic casings, power supplies, cabinets, etc. Any part of the problem will reduce the life of the transparent screen. Therefore, the service life of the LED transparent screen depends on the key components with the shortest service life.

2. LED light emitting device

LED lights are the most critical factor affecting the life of LED displays. For LED lamps, the factors affecting it also include three aspects: attenuation characteristics, moisture permeability and UV resistance. If these standards are not met, the life of a transparent LED display will be greatly reduced.

3. Product fatigue resistance

The fatigue resistance of transparent LED displays depends on the production process. The anti-fatigue performance of the module is difficult to guarantee due to the poor anti-three treatment process. When the temperature and humidity change, the protective surface of the circuit board will crack, resulting in a decrease in protective performance.

External factors

External factors mainly depend on the working environment. Due to the variety of uses of transparent LED screens, the working situation may be different. In terms of environment, it is not affected by the weather and the indoor temperature difference is small. However, if a transparent LED screen is installed outdoors, there will be a lot of bad weather affecting the screen, which will cause the transparent screen to age quickly. Therefore, the working environment is the most important external factor affecting the service life of LED transparent screens.

The above are the factors that affect the life of the LED display. If you want your transparent LED screen to have a long service life, besides to choose high-quality raw materials, it is also important to maintain your transparent LED screen daily. Only in this way can you extend the life of your transparent LED screen.
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