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The development trend of future LED display

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In the past few months of 2019, the LED screen industry has grown steadily. The growth points are mainly concentrated on small-pitch LED displays, special-shaped LED displays and other functional LED displays. In the next few years, this type of screen will make a qualitative leap! Especially small pitch LEDs, this is an up-and-coming area.

As the pixel pitch of LED screens becomes smaller and smaller, it also means that this LED screen can achieve higher resolution in a small size, which allows you to splice 4K / 8K screens easily. The lowest pixel pitch of Esdlumen currently on the market is 0.9mm. According to forecasts, it will reach 0.6 mm in the next 1-2 years. At present, the biggest problem with small-pitch LED displays is the high cost. The popularity of this screen depends on whether it can reduce costs when it achieves a small pixel pitch.

In the past, LED displays were often used in commercial fields, such as retail, exhibition, commerce, education, security, etc. However, due to the emergence of small-pitch LED displays, households can use LED displays. Today, some LED TV products have also appeared on the market.

Special-shaped screens and function screens are two other areas with great development potential. These will be mainly reflected in people's visual experience and interaction. With the rapid development of smart technologies worldwide, some advanced and popular technologies such as AR and VR will be integrated to provide a better user experience.

At the same time, the 21st-century smart LED display shows a trend of subdivision and diversification in the field of product application: intelligent transportation, intelligent large-screen monitoring, intelligent stage, intelligent advertising and other fields. There is no doubt that the development of smart LED display products requires more user-level design and research and development to address the general needs of users truly. Only in this way can the universal intelligence of the product market be achieved, and finally win market recognition.
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