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The third quarter award ceremony of Esdlumen

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From midsummer to late autumn, it is October. In this harvest season, Esdlumen ushered in the third quarter awards ceremony. All employees gathered in the exhibition hall to share the good harvest and joy. At this time, the chairman, vice president of production, human resources director, marketing director and regional sales director attended the grand award ceremony!

In the third quarter, we still achieved a lot of results: monthly shipments of 55 million in August, quarterly sales of the best marketing team of 31.12 million, and quarterly sales of 11.98 million per person. These achievements are due to individual and team contributions. A total of 9 awards were set up in the award ceremony to recognize advanced employees in the last quarter. At the same time, the award ceremony also clarified sales targets and incentives for the fourth quarter.

New Customer Development Award

Key Product Promotion Award

Successful order of promotion

4500 awards

Market Service High-Performance Award

After-sales service reward

Best Marketing Team Award

Quarterly sales incentives

The first sentence of the slogan of the Esdlumen Wolf Club is "clear goals." After praising advanced individuals and teams, the vow of goals in the fourth quarter began. All salespeople swore a strong voice in the fourth quarter of sales targets.

After the awards were awarded, Mr. Zhang, Esdlumen's Marketing Director, summarized the work of the previous quarter and announced the reward policy for the fourth quarter.

Finally, Mr. Duan, the chairman of Esdlumen, concluded the awards ceremony: everyone should treat sales as a hobby and don't stick to it forever. Although the process of perseverance is painful, only by insisting on doing what you like can you succeed.
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