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The most cost-effective narrow pixel pitch LED display – KingKong Series

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With the rapid development of commercial displays, the total sales of the small-pitch LED screen industry has approached $ 8.5 billion in 2018. Compared to 2017 sales ($ 5.9 billion), this is an increase of 44%. Since 2015, the trend of small-pitch LED displays has shown a rapid growth trend, with a penetration rate of 20%. As technology advances and costs decrease, the cost-effectiveness of small-pitch LED displays will continue to increase. According to forecasts, narrow pixel pitch LED screens will maintain a growth rate of 40% in the next 3 years.

Today, the conventional small-pitch LED display industry has two extreme phenomena, high-end and low-end. Generally, the production cost of high-end small-pitch LED displays is expensive, which has led many companies to dare not enter the market. On the other hand, low-priced products are always accompanied by many faults and after-sales problems. Therefore, to produce a cost-effective narrow pixel pitch LED displays is necessary! To solve this problem, Esdlumen introduced a new narrow pixel pitch LED display called the KingKong series, which is a cost-effective narrow pixel pitch product. "High cost-effective does not mean low configuration".

KingKong Series-Indoor Rental LED Display

Our KingKong series uses CNC technology to make the design of LED screens more beautiful. On the aspect of the display area, we used the mainstream 16: 9 gold ratio. It can provide customers a better visual experience. The internal non-wire design makes the screen run stably and reliably.

In terms of display, the display content can be clearly seen even at low brightness. For performance, we are the first company to adapt to the openings style cabinet design. What's more, the high-performance thermally conductive materials makes heat dissipation more effective and reduce noise.

For installation, this product supports totally wall-mounted; only 4 screws can complete the installation of the cabinet. Unlike traditional cabinet sizes, our KingKong series is equipped with unique cabinet sizes (623.68 * 350.82). In order to improve stability and reliability, the power supply, sending card and receiving card are all redundant. This design makes the power and signal more stable.

Narrow pixel pitch LED screens have gradually become the focus of most LED screen companies. Besides reducing the pixel pitch, how to reduce the cost of narrow pixel pitch LED displays is still the main problem we face. We believe that the King Kong series may become another hot product in the future.
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