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Esdlumen Annual Event ended successfully

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On January 4, 2019, with the theme of "Walking Together with the Heart and Being Efficient by 2020", Esdlumen's "2019 Reward Conference and 2020 Goals Determination" event was held as scheduled. The event is divided into 5 sections to summarize our works in 2019 and reward outstanding employees. Meanwhile, for 2020, we will strengthen basic work, determine goals and plan for the next year!

At 1:30 pm, the event began! First, the host introduced each leader and welcomed their arrival. After that, Mr. Zhu, the vice president, delivered an opening speech, which means that the annual event officially started!

First, in recognition of those who silently helped frontline employees, Esdlumen set up three awards to encourage them, including the "Excellent Screw Award", "Best Assistance Award" and "Service Star Award". Not only did they do their job perfectly, but they also selflessly helped other colleagues. They set an example for us and inspired the passion of Esdlumen employees.

As we all know, technology is the foundation of technology companies. Only when we have the best technology can we survive in such a highly competitive industry. It's the same for people. In recognition of those who have proficient skills and good ideas, there are 3 awards provided for them, including the "Excellent Skills Award", "Excellent Team Leader" and "Excellent Advice Award". They constantly strengthen their skills and become the most solid backing!

The year 2019 may be a difficult year! However, based on the company spirit of "Never Give Up Until Success", we still achieved the goal of 2019. Our sales are like wolves; they work in teams and set goals. To encourage them to maintain their enthusiastic in 2020, we have also set awards for those who have reached 10 million sales amount in 2019. In addition, they are members of our "Elite Club". The reason why they can reach such a high level is because of their efforts.

"Innovation is the Soul" is our company's operating philosophy. Pioneering and innovative has always been the tireless pursuit of our technical team. In the past 2019, our R & D technical team has also achieved fruitful results. Each technological breakthrough means that our technicians need to try and persevere many times. Next, let's look at their outstanding technical talent.

Efficiency! This can be a concern for many outstanding companies. In 2020, we still adhere to the slogan of "Efficiency is the First!". Several awards have also been awarded to recognize the efficient employees in 2019.

Finally, all departments vowed their goals. This means that the event is coming to an end. The annual meeting of Esdlumen was successfully concluded after our CEO, Mr. Duan, gave an ended speech.

Let's be passionate. In 2020, we will walk together with the heart!
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