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Esdlumen’s LED screen helps church achieve online worship

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Since March 2020, the coronavirus has broken out in the United States. As of March 31, more than 160,000 cases have been diagnosed in the United States. The California and Washington governments have also taken some emergency measures to ban party activities. The church and other gathering places have been closed, and related activities have been stopped.

In order to cooperate with the government to ban party activities and fight against epidemics, many large church activities have changed the traditional form of online live broadcasting. Esdlumen also recently received several projects to rebuild the church for online worship.

A church in Arizona, USA, has a hall that can accommodate more than 200 people. After installing two high-definition screens, it starts live online.

Esdlumen's classical small pitch series

Built-in VE 1.5

A church in North Carolina, USA

In the largest church in the harbor city, the beautiful mural screen can be turned into an online real-time screen at any time.

Esdlumen's new product

Built with Pilot 2.6

In addition to the two American church projects in March, Esdlumen also has many other excellent church cases.

Singapore St. Andrew's Church (built-in BIM Plus series Esdlumen)

Singapore Evangel House Church (Esdlumen with built-in mini series)

Korean Daquan Church (built-in mini series Esdlumen)

YEANSIE Church in Seoul, South Korea (built-in mini series Esdlumen)
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