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Does the LED screen company need to seize the opportunity of online live broadcast?

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Nowadays, if you are a rational company, you must understand the importance of online live broadcasting for the LED screen industry, especially with the increasing clarity of LED screens. In recent years, more and more traditional LED screen companies have started to hold online press conferences, live broadcasts, etc. These circumstances indicate that selling products online in real-time has become a brand new promotional platform. In fact, online live broadcast is only a promotional tool for a special period and has not yet had a profound impact on the industry chain. However, on the basis of stable product manufacturing and innovation, the effective use of online live can undoubtedly open up new ideas and models for the industry.

Why did we choose to online live? Is online live suitable for B2B companies?

Tiktok is a software mainly used for live broadcast, and publish short videos developed by Bytedance. After the software was launched, it was warmly welcomed by users worldwide, especially the United States, India, and Indonesia. According to data, Tiktok has more than 700 million downloads, surpassing Facebook and Messenger downloads, second only to Whatsapp. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin also have real-time functions, pictures, and text are the main forms. Since platforms such as Facebook rarely promote this feature, only a few users use it, and even many users do not even know that these platforms have real-time capabilities. This is why Tiktok, launched in 2007, surpassed Facebook in two years, which means that online live streaming has become mainstream.

Generally, it is better for B2B companies to communicate face-to-face with customers. Due to the impact of this epidemic, many international exhibitions are now canceled or postponed. Besides, many countries have begun to restrict foreign travelers from entering their home countries, making it difficult for companies to communicate face-to-face with customers. If the company still needs to promote products or find good suppliers, then online communication will be the only way. There is no doubt that the exhibition is the one most affected by the epidemic. InfoComm Show and Canton Fair have changed the traditional form to live online. This shows that online live broadcasting is still useful for B2B companies.

What advantages can online live broadcast bring to LED screen companies?

For LED display companies, online live broadcasts may not be comparable to traditional exhibitions from an effect perspective. But in terms of cost, online live broadcasting is more economical than exhibitions. A single online advertisement lacks interactivity and cannot solve customer problems face-to-face. In response to this problem, LED screen companies can use online live to release new products and promotional policies and interact with customers in real-time. For the first time on Facebook for the US and European markets, some Chinese LED screen companies, such as Esdlumen (Shenzhen East Electronics Co., Ltd.), live and give back to customers at great discounts.

Future development trend of online live broadcast

Today, online live streaming is still limited to mobile phones and PCs. With the increasing popularity of 5G technology and small-pitch LED screens, we believe that large-screen online live will become another development direction.

Moreover, the real-time video has changed how we learn, cooperate, promote, serve, and entertain. With the emergence of new technologies, and the development of old technologies, the impact of real-time video will become deeper and deeper. It will further simplify and improve processes in various industries and change the way to obtain technical support.

Last but not least, online live broadcasting is not the “savior” of the industry. First of all, for most LED screen companies, although online live is the future trend, the industry is not fully prepared yet. Since products and brands need to be promoted through online live broadcasts, subsequent delivery, installation, and services are required to support them. Therefore, this information will show whether the screen company has a mature and stable after-sales system. Secondly, early market preparation and brand building require a lot of effort from the screen company. Therefore, only by combining online real-time communication with traditional offline communication, can we overcome difficulties.
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