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How Could Esdlumen’ Flagship Product Miss Such An Exciting RomeMasters?

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2017 RomeMasters was held in Rome, Italy. Every year lots of people are attracted by its unique charm to visit annual best mud tennis tournament among the world.

The Roman Open, which is alsoknown as the Roman Masters, has a long history and lots of honors, making it one of the most famous tennis events. Rome Masters is tennis tournament (Rome Masters) for each year in Rome, Italy, as well as one of the ATP Masters,  and WTA level event,red clay forthe venue.

Those who are fortunate enough to play on the clay court in the Roman Open rarely forget about this experience. In addition to the impressive environment, the packed stadium and enthusiastic audience are the important part of fascinating atmosphere. The audience embodies the typical Roman character - the enthusiasm of tennis.

How could Esdlumen’ flagship product miss such an exciting tennis event? Over these years, Esdlumen LED display screens has been adopted in the major sports event. The Rome Masters used Esdlumen outdoor Dazzle 5.9 LED display. Esdlumen Dazzle series is full-colored LED display screens with characteristics of thin, ultra-light,fast-assembly, evenly piecing,color consistency, which is designed for stage rental, booth rental, fixed installation and other applications.

(Esdlumen outdoor Dazzle P5.9 LED display on Italian Rome tennis match)

With clear and smooth patterns, and perfect dynamic expression, Esdlumen ultra-high-definition screens truly showed visitors excitement of the event.

(Esdlumen outdoor Dazzle P5.9 LED display)

So far, the outdoor Dazzle series LED display has been successfully applied to many sports events, including the Brazilian Rio Olympic Games, German European Championship, the Italian women's breaststroke 400 meters final,etc.Esdlumen always keep its mission to show the beauty of the world, thus it spares no effort to make contributions to the world!

(Esdlumen outdoor Dazzle LED display on Rio Olympic Games)

( Esdlumen outdoor Dazzle LED display on Germany European Championship)

(Esdlumen outdoor Dazzle LED display on Italian women breaststroke 400 meters finals)

Esdlumen staff work together for decadesfocusing on providing customers better LED display screens. Technologyis steadily innovated, which makes  its products exported overseas. The featuring product  of Esdlumen--- Dazzle seriesLED display, has been highly praised among the industry since it was put into market!
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