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Esdlumen Small Pixel Pitch VE: To Make Stories Happen And The View More Brilliant

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In recent years, the topic of fine pixel pitch was once hot. With its own technological advantages, the functions and applications of small pixel pitch LED display are constantly enriched, and more indoor applications are started, such as video conference, security monitoring and the field of exhibition hall etc.

Energy saving, no electromagnetic radiation, these reasons make us can’t help loving it

Due to the higher definition, the density of the lamp increased, and the small pixel pitch products have higher requirements on the production technics and equipments. Therefore, ordinary LED screen companies, especially non-technical enterprises, if they want to develop small pixel pitch products, they have to build up a research and development team and invest expenditure a lot in researching development and equipments.

Small pixel pitch is a story, but not all LED screens enterprises can write.

For those small pixel pitch products below PH1.2mm, many enterprises are feeling powerless and frustrated because of limited R & D strength and producing technology. Even a 0.1mm breakthrough, is also a tough test for the comprehensive strength of an enterprise.

Under the strength test of both R & D strength and manufacture workmanship, Esdlumen teams accept all the challenges, and finally launched the outstanding ultra-small Pixel products--VE .have the great sense of milepost type.

Small pixel pitch VE, the masterwork of Esdlumen, make a break of several ultra precise craft tech, just in order to realize” with pitch of 0.8mm, all is in your eyes” , achieve the dream –everyone have a fine pixel pitch in their heart .

We write with our heart, only for the world in eyes more fabulous!

In Holland

Activity name: 2018 ISE (Integrated Systems Europe)

Time: 2018.2.6----2018.2.9

Address: RAI museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands 12-A20+E30

In Guangzhou

Activity name: 2018 IESE (International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou)

Time: 2018.3.3-2018.3.6

Address: Area B of Guangzhou Canton fair 9.2 B07

In America

Activity name: 2018 NAB show

Time: 2018.4.9-2018.4.12

Address: North America - Las Vegas C1762


0.8mm distance

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