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To Make The Prosperity More Prosperous, Esdlumen LED Display Lightens Japan AEON Shopping Center

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Every time we conquer a peak, which will become a new peak in life.

Each journey with all your efforts is boomed to shine a city.

To make the prosperity more prosperous, why not to go ahead with it

Wherever it goes, there is amazing-BIM Plus

Project type:AEON Shopping Center

Project model:P3.9

Product series:BIM Plus

Project address:Hiroshima, Japan

Project date:Finished on Dec. 20th

Project area:115㎡

Project background:As the largest shopping center in Japan, there are more than 500 shops in AEON. The shopping center is divided into "Wind" and "Forest" buildings, and OUTLET Lake Mall settles in Japan's top-scale AEON Lake Town, which is 10,000 meters long, letting customers indulge in shopping and forget to return.

End customers want to use led display to advertise for high-end clothing brand and cinemas, release market trends, and upgrade the level of the shopping center to attract customers’ attention.

The main features of BIM Plus: slim as wing, front maintenance, various sizes, saving installation room, automatic correction, support right angle. Besides, it has intelligent monitor function to monitor faults in modules, cable arrangement, supply voltage and temperature.

Traditional advertisement exist lots of operation cost for supermarket, shopping center, specialty store. Meanwhile, the backwardness of users experience will lead to visual fatigue and decrease attention from customers, and even a decline in commercial value. LED display can provide ultimate shopping experience for customers, perfectly solve disadvantages of traditional ads.

With the leading quality control ability in the industry, Esdlumen have been highly recognized by clients for many years. This project will become a new classics in Esdlumen. In the future, Eastar is willing to come into more countries and help more large shopping centers to realize such perfect publicity effect.
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