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Refuse To Watch Indifferently At The Sidelines, Esdlumen BIM Plus P2.6 Communicate With You In Heart Face To Face.

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It is said, distance create beauty, while the distance is too far away, we will lose the feeling of the comfort and conversant. Esdlumen BIM Plus P2.6 LED screen refuse to watch at the sidelines, ultra HD image can support communicating face to face, create a better distance.

Pixel Pitch: P2.6

Product Series: BIM Plus P2.6


Installation Date: 13th, Dec.,2017

Project Size: 15.125 SQM.

The screen is installed as reception counter of a company in Kansas, total dimension is 15.125m2. It is consisted of two 2.75m*2.75m screen. Each screen is consisted of 22pcs of 1000*250mm straight cabinet and 11pcs 750*250mm oblique angle cabinet. (Totally 44pcs 1000*250mm straight cabinet and 22pcs 750*250mm oblique angle cabinet)

Install LED screen at company’s reception counter can not only present company name and slogan, publish the notice and welcoming words,  but also can develop the image of company, offer the customer great visual experience and make the reception counter more vivid, totally improve the level of the company.

Esdlumen BIM Plus Series main features: light and thin like the wing, front installation, front maintenance, various dimensions, no installation channel needed, auto calibration, right corner screen available. In addition, it has intelligent monitoring function, which can monitor module fault, line fault, power supply voltage and temperature.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of application fields, LED display has gradually penetrated into the application of small and medium-sized commercial advertisements from the previous outdoor media advertising and large video media applications. For company, installing LED display in conference room can create more comfortable and modern information conference environment. Installing LED display in exhibition hall can vividly display more colorful product information……

The application of LED display in the company is actually very simple, but to do professionally is not a very simple matter. It will involve a series of details such as brand positioning, modeling design, size assortment and function experience. In the field of LED display, Esdlumen is with more than ten years of rich experience, qualified with professional solutions, to strive for more corporate image display.
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