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Esdlumen Suncorp, The Most Famous Commercial Street Lighting In Sydney!

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What decides the margin of imagination?

It’s the color, the sound,

the temperature, the smile.

It’s to go, to feel,

To express, to conquer.

It's to adopt the golden ratio

to treat everything again.

Together with Esdlumen,

To show the beauty of the world.

Project type: Business Street

Project model: P1.9 inner angle

Product series: BIM Plus

Project address: Sydney, Australia

Project date: completed in 12 December.

Project area: 15 SQM

Project background: Australia Sydney Pitt Street is well-known as the pilgrimage of the five top brands in the world, gathered the top and famous brands worn to attend various social intercourse occasions by celebrity and aristocracy. The new design displayed on the window is almost synchronized with the originality place of these brands. The Sydney Pitt Street is one of the few streets gathered top brand shops in the Southern Hemisphere. The Suncorp Group is very famous in Australia, and hope to propagandize its business by installing LED display.

The feature of BIM PLUS:

Slim as feather, front installation and maintenance, various sizes, no installation channel needed, auto-calibration, corner screen available, Besides, it also has smart monitoring capabilities to monitor module and cable failure, as well as power supply voltage and temperature.

LED screen of different sizes are displayed in commercial streets at night, showing us its colorfulness. As one of the most widely used social communication media at present, it has characteristics of mobility, compulsion, pertinence, timeliness etc. Furthermore, it can play videos, text, images, DVD, cable TV signals and live broadcast etc.

What's more, LED display is also colorful with tridimensional sense, static as paintings, moved as movie, which is much better than traditional advertising board. For the same AD, LED display is much more effective than traditional billboards, broadcasting in the bustling commercial street is the best form to publicize the company's business.

As the leader of LED display industry, ESDLUMEN has supported"2017 Tencent Global Partner Conference" and "The third HaiYi Festival", lightened the largest shopping mall in Japan and opened the new era of Volvo 4S store image…… In the future, ESDLUMEN is willing to work with you to showing the beauty of the world.
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