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Esdlumen Assists The Isetan Shinjuku, The Glamour Of Clubhouse Of Premium Brands Is Irresistible.

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There is a fire in heart.

The cases are the fuel.

BIM Plus

Let the fire burning and burning,

Burning up and then start out!

Project Type: Clubhouse of Premium Brand

Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm

Product Series: BIM Plus

Project Add: 3 Chome-14-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

Project Date: 22th December, 2017.

Screen Area: 8sqm.

Project background:

The importance of Shinjuku to Tokyo like the Forbidden City to Beijing, It is a must-to-go place for shopping to go to Tokyo. As the busiest commercial center of Tokyo, Shinjuku has everything you want. Furthermore, as the classical and old shopping mall of Shinjuku, ISETAN is mainly by Japanese local higher-end and international two-line brands, It has the most abundant cosmetics counters, and with shopping guide speaking both English and Chinese, thus it is the first choice of shopping mall for office worker whom pursued the quality. AHKAH hope to promote their brand better by installing the LED screen of Esdlumen to play heir stories circularly.

Features of BIM Plus Series:

light and thin like the wing, front installation, front maintenance, various dimensions, no installation channel needed, auto calibration, right corner screen available. In addition, it has intelligent monitoring function, which can monitor module fault, line fault, power supply voltage and temperature.

Traditional advertising screen only can play pictures, but now Esdlumen can combine the pictures, videos, words and sounds together perfectly, and use LED screen of creative design to display these content with high definition, high brightness, bright color, to create vivid and lifelike effect. BIM Plus screen attract the attention pedestrian with prominent effect, impressive! What’s more, the screen can create greater advertising benefits because to long-time displaying and rich information. Therefore, LED displays are widely applied for busy street, shopping mall, square, park, buildings, landmarks, station, airport, etc.

As one of the best of LED screen field, Esdlumen take “showing the beauty of the world” as our mission, and always trying our best to do it. In the past year, The BIM Plus of Esdlumen has impressed in ISE, shone in Germany, witnessed the happy moment in Lebanon, distinguished itself in Japan, spread the fine pitch market quickly through Infocomm exhibition in Australia, created professional stage with Tsinghua University, entered in The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, drawn the spotlight in CIF TIS in Beijing, assisted the 2017 Tencent Global Partner Conference, Glittered in the final competition of The 2017 Super Boy of Hunan Satellite TV, lightened up the biggest shopping mall in Long Island, Japan-AEON and famous shopping street in Sydney- Suncorp, opened the new era of Volvo 4S shop……
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