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Esdlumen Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen Marched Into HongKong TVB Television Station.

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EHP Series of Esdlumen.

Measuring the world by footsteps,

Showing the beauty of the world.

Project type: TVB news studio

Project model: P1.5

Product series: EHP Series

Project location: HongKong

Project date: 1st, January,2018

Project area: 14.56㎡

Project background: People have higher requirements on visual enjoyment with the improvement of living standard, which posed a certain pressure on TVB. LED screen has became a new favorite of TVB because of its colorful imagine, higher resolution and stronger visual impact, which helps to present more colorful imagines and improve audience rating.

It always have high demands in the field of audio and television field, so every parameter of the led screen was strictly controlled. For example, the refresh rate should meet the requirement to make sure there is no “black band” caused by the difference of refresh rate between screen and camera when the camera is recording the video. For another example, in order to avoid the host who is front of the led screen affected by high brightness, it needs the led screen have good performance under low brightness.

In view of high requirements and strict standards of TV stations, Esdlumen gave full play to its technology advantages, adopted our small pixel pitch –EHP Series. During the 18:30 news broadcast on January 1st, Esdlumen EHP series LED screen made an outstanding performance, it is stable and smooth, clear picture and powerful function, receiving highly praised from Hong Kong TVB television station.

Features of Esdlumen EHP series:

EHP Series is one of the super small pixel pitch series of Esdlumen company, it has a golden ratio of 16: 9, which is easy to achieve 2K \ 4K \ 8K ultra-high definition display. Super light and ultra slim, thickness only 45 mm and weight is 6.5 kg. High grayscale, high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, which ensure the screen fidelity and colorful; Low-voltage DC power supply, safer and more reliable; Front maintenance, front installation, no maintenance channel needed, mounted wall installation design, etc.

In the rapid development of radio and television technology today, in order to meet the broadcasting system requirements of all types of studios, more and more television stations and production units using large LED display technology for program production and broadcast. In the future, Esdlumen is willing to walk into more TV stations and studios, and make contribution to excellent performance.
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