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Esdlumen Assisted Indian Medical Seminar, LED Small Pixel Pitch Rental Screen Became The Biggest Highlight Of Bids.

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Esdlumen, Dazzle Ⅲ,

Great craftsman transmit classics.

Project type: Medical Seminar

Project model: P2.9 + P3.9

Product series: Dazzle Ⅲ + Dazzle Plus

Project location: Mumbai, India

Project date: 5th, January, 2018 - 63th, January, 2018

Project area: 12m2+81m2+9 m2

The background of project:

The BIDS adopted the 12m2 Dazzle Ⅲ P2.9 of Esdlumen to make upright column, as a conference guide, the shape is not only distinctive and striking, but also to show high-end and classy, full of poshness. The main curve screen of the conference is made by 81m2Dazzle Ⅲ P2.9, the cylindrical screen applied with 9 m2 of Dazzle plus P3.91. The main arc screen is with better viewing angle because of concave shape, gapless installation and light-proof, richly colorful, thus highly admitted by the leaders of the conference organizer.

The features of Dazzle Ⅲ:

Seamless splicing and curve design are to make multi-shapes arbitrarily. Up-and-down fast lock with high precision, to make concave, convex and flat screen integrated. 18bit super quality image. 90 degree right angle design, seamless splicing installation; anti-collision due to intelligent angle protector, safer; It support stacking and also hoisting installation.

In recent years, LED rental screens have developed rapidly, and even industry standards have failed to keep pace with the development. Trace to its source, the LED rental market has been developing quickly for four or five years. Since 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the LED Chinese painting scroll had shocked the whole world and led screen development reached its peak. With the continuous expansion of the market scale, the main application fields have expanded from large-scale theatrical performances and concerts to more high-end conferences, large-scale exhibitions to other commercial market.

As the leader in the LED display industry, Esdlumen takes customer satisfied as the service tenet and the product quality as the enterprise life. Customer satisfaction is the best affirmation to us! Tremendous classic cases have been carried out in the past, and more is around the corner. Esdlumen LED rental screen cases are still going on. Let's look forward to Esdlumen LED fine pixel pitch rental screen entering more countries, lighting up more large conferences!
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