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Wing P3.9 | Esdlumen LED Display Supports The Starting Of Gac Group Passenger Cars Project In Yichang

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Wing Series P3.9

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Project type: Project’s start of GAC group passenger cars in Yichang

Project model: P3.9

Product series: Indoor Wing Series

Project location: Yichang, Hubei

Project date: January, 2018

Project area: 150 m2

The background of project: The opening ceremony of Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Vehicle Project and the kick-off ceremony of "Start-up Month of Major Events in Yichang in 2018" was held in Xiaoting. In order to give participants a better visual effect, the project organizer used Esdlumen LED Screen to help the opening ceremony perfectly. Indoor Wing series P3.9 of Esdlumen gained the highly acceptance by rich display effect and super quick installation speed.

The features of Wing Series P3.9:

Super light and thin design was applied in this product, weight 6.4KG, thickness 6.7cm. Fashionable and simple appearance; but varied and complete internal structure; wireless modular connection, safe and stable; exposed signal interface, reducing the poor contact on transferring; magnetic structure, decreasing disassembling and assembling time; Multi-shaped cabinet, dislocated splicing,more creative styles; fast lock, single-person operation,astonishing quick speed.

It will take a long time in a big conference, people are easy to be visual fatigue after long time watching the big screen. ESDLUMEN Wing indoor P3.9 can display pictures steady, and effectively solve trailing and dim when pictures are quickly move. And also can improve definition and contrast, to make picture more fluency smooth, people will not be tired after long time watching. Used the technician calibration together, will make the dynamic pictures more true, nature and uniform, to reduce damage to viewers’ eyes , and get best effect in meeting.

ESDLUMEN, as a professional service provider in LED display solutions, has devoted to provides prefect solutions to all walks customers for 10 years. Esdlumen always insist to make customer satisfied as the purpose of service, take the quality of products as the company life. Esdlumen continue to be creative in R&D and technology, provide more suitable display solutions depended on different business, which gets customers respects and trust. In 2018, ESDLUMEN will continue to advance bravely, and work hard to open and lead the industry with classical cases.
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