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Congratulations On The Great Success Of The 5th Anniversary Of Eastar The Netherlands B.V. And VIP Conference.

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On the afternoon of October 19th, 2017, Eastar The Netherlands B.V. ceremoniously held the celebration of her 5th anniversary and VIP conference.

We carefully prepared a cocktail party with barbecue and buffet for our customers, creating a good environment. We gather here merrily, learned about the latest products and talked about industry trends in such a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

(5th anniversary of Eastar The Netherlands B.V. and VIP conference)

Our guests came from Poland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK Italy…


Just like our local partner, cooperated with Esdlumen for 8 years in Germany,  Innights boss Thomas said" If people asked us why we can sell Eastar's (LED) screen worldwide,  it( Eastar)  is more and more international, thanks for Eastar's good reputation. " We will benefit a lot together and we are growing up together.

It was surprised that one of our France client drove 1000 kilometers to the event due to the brand influence of Esdlumen, We are greatly touched

The colleague of Esdlumen said:” In order to arrive the Holland office on time, a customer drive over 1000km! We are so excited, like hurry up to back home on holiday of The National Day.’’ Same feeling! We want such client more….

Thus, a headline comes! This customer chose Esdlumen decisively and ordered small pixel pitch of EHP series successfully because of the reputation of Esdlumen brand and great quality product. He will use this product to display LV luxuries. Mr. Zhou, the manager of Europe market in Esdlumen, said:’ It is probably that this customer will continue to order more in the future.Congratulations to Mr. Zhou

(Mr. Zhou signed the order with France customer on-site)

In addition to the brand influence of Esdlumen, What attracts the customers coming to the conference? Of course it cannot live without the good products.

Dazzle III P2.97 is one of the most popular products with our clients.

1. Creative & unique angle lock with patent, truly seamless splicing into convex 5°,concave 5°and flat screen.

2. Captive protectors of 4 corners, cannot take off, never worried to lost it. Hided on the corner of cabinet, just one movement to put it on for protection.

3. Reduce the waste of previous modules. For good compatibility, it can used the modules of  Dazzle Plus.

(Our colleagues explain Dazzle Plus-s to clients in details patiently)

BIM Plus Series also is a main product for fixed of Esdlumen. (P1.9, P2.6, P3.1, P3.9 )

1. Ultra-light & ultra-thin, 5.5kg/pcs for 1000*250mm, 42mm thick.

2. Front service, rear service or both optional, saving more than 90% installation space.

3. 45°angle cut and hanging installation to realize multi-shape and creative design.

(Creative design of BIM Plus LED Display on the doorway)

EHP Series is super small pixel of Esdlumen, There are P1.2, P1.5, P1.9 and P2.6 optional;

1. With golden rate of 16:9, easy to 2K/4K/8K HD Display;

2. Super light and thin: 6.5kg/pcs, 45mm thick.

3. Total front service, no install maintenance channel needed.

4. Using low voltage DC power supply, safer and more reliable.

(On-site explanations for the features of Small Pitch EHP Series)

And Small pixel display-Ticker Series P1.9:

1. HD LED small pixel pitch for displaying text, pictures, brands, LOGO and more rich information colorfully and vividly.

2. Special size for shelves of supermarket, 1216*82*22.5mm, improve the level of the supermarket and product sales.

3. Magnetic structure for front service, easy for installation and maintenance.

(Small pixel display--Ticker Series Living broadcast)

Finally, congratulate  on the success of the 5th anniversary of Eastar The Netherlands B.V. and VIP conference.

Great thanks to customers, sales elites in Holland, for preparing this brilliant activity, to create the opportunities of sincere communication for customers face to face.

(The colleagues photo of Eastar The Netherlands B.V.)

Quality build the brand, the brand witness the power. Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., LTD.(Esdlumen), a professional LED display service provider, relied on comprehensive strength of technological innovation, quality, service system and brand influence, making its LED screen appear frequently in many important occasions all over the world and gained widely praised.

Just like our chairman Mr. Xi emphasize “Never forget why you started, then your mission can be accomplished.” during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Esdlumen will insist on the enterprise vision of “becoming the most respective and professional LED screen manufacture all over the world” and fight for it, We are willing to cooperate with friends from all the industry to “showing the beauty of the world”
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