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Esdlumen Dazzle Plus And S-TV Grab Great Attention In LED China 2016

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On September 19th, The 12th LED CHINA 2016 (Shanghai) opens , which is the largest LED Fair in the world. There Esdlumen flagship LED display products are on the show. The clients from both home and abroad communicate with us face to face when visiting our booth E1 G02.

On the first day, An unexpected thinghappens, which contribute to exhibitors of our company ask the head office in Shenzhen for an emergency help by call.What happen ? Let us look for the reason. Because there are 3 flagship led display on the show, including Dazzle Plus, Rock Plus and S-TV Series.

Dazzle Plus: The classic of modular design of LED display

Dazzle Series is an extremely cost-effective stage rental LED display and very popular in the world. As the upgrade version of Dazzle Series, Dazzle Plus is considered as a paragon of modular design. The cabinet, module and power box can be fast and separately dismantled without using any tool. Besides, there is no screws in LED cabinet. The modular design of led cabinet is a distinct advantage for leasing business of stage equipment.

Rock Plus:  LED Display with climbing structure

Engineers can maintain the LED display by climbing structure. The bear-loading of one foot-plate of climbing structure is more than 300kg.It can be assembled into outer arc, inner arc. Besides, it can be installed into some special types. More different installation shape can meet the different installation requirement in different application.

S-TV Series :  2K/4K/8K Ultra HD Display

S-TV Series is a small pixel pitch LED TV display. Its size is the golden ratio 16:9. It can easily realize 2K/4K/8K ultra HD Display. With dual-power supply and dual-control system design which can support 7*24h working.

With unique sealed-structure, the S-TV is dustproof, dampproof and preventing electromagnetic interference. It can pass the CLASS B Standard easily.With intelligent brightness-adjust function, the high grey and high refresh rate can reach even if low brightness.

So, what is the relationship between three flagship products and“unexpected thing”? According to the words of exhibitors of us, too many clients are attracted into our booth and ask for brochures of product introduction upon the fair opens, because of the extremely nice visual effect and new technology in the LED display field. Because too many clients interest in the three flagship products, the brochures are given out within half day. Actually, the brochures are for 4-days-use in fair as we know. So, the exhibitors of us ask marketing department to make more brochures for the visitors who will come to our booth in next 3 days.

In view of this situation, the marketing department will send another 3000pcs brochures to Shanghai by air tonight. They will be deliver to our booth tomorrow by some appointed people. Let us work together ,Fighting !
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