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Live|Esdlumen’s Small-pitch Products With Maximum Size Are Extremely Popularin LED China 2017!

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On 20, September, LED China 2017 was officially started in Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center. The exhibition will last for three days, attracting a large number of LED companies to visit.

LED China,the world's first LED industry special exhibition, after 13 years of promotion and development, has become well-known around the world, and also recognized as the "wind vane"in the development of the industry,which is undoubtedly the preferred exhibition for LED manufacturers and buyers each year. The purpose of this brand exhibition is in order to arouse the attention of the whole industry on brand building, and at the same time, offer a great opportunity to brand exposure and promotion.

Crowd Exhibition

Packed Esdlumen’s booth

Esdlumen attended this exhibition withsmall-pitch Wing, EHP as well as bran-new Dazzle III series products.Esdlumen’s booth is orderly and bustling. The staff were quite enthusiastic and greeted all guests warmly, carefully answer a variety of questions, and exchanged business cards.

Esdlumen’s unique products attracted a lot of customers.


Customers preferred to first -hand experience of products, hailing design concept of Esdlumen.

Wing series LED display

In order to avoid homogeneous competition, Esdlumen spares no effort to create "light, thin, fast" Wing series LED display born for rental. Thin as feather, 6.4KG weight, 6.7cm thick; fast lock, single-person operation, astonishing speed.

Customers showed extremely interested in wing series 2.97 LED display products, and Esdlumen’s staff were explaining the product features patiently.

Staff were displaying the sample cabinets of latestproducts Dazzle III led wall , and patiently answered customers’questions.

Customers experience sample cabinetswith new fast angle lock

EHP has ultra-high-definition display, 16: 9 golden ratio, which is easy to achieve 2K \ 4K \ 8K ultra-high-definition display

A beautiful female magician is performing on the stage, eliciting a storm of applause from spectators.

Close interaction between audience the magician

Fantastic Fancy bartendar aroused the passion of audience

In addition, an unique high-definition 4K cloud interaction is launched on Esdlumen’s booth, lots of customers spoke highly of  Esdlumen’s screens after experiencing by themselves

high-definition 4K cloud interaction

CCTV reporter was interviewing Esdlumen

Hefei TV reporter was interviewing Esdlumen

Esdlumen elites team took group pictures

Esdlumen’s booth is the largest LED display in this exhibition,which was extremely shocking,drawing great attention of China Central Television and Hefei TV etc. Su Fuqiang,Marketing director ofEsdlumen told reporters details about company's products on this exhibition, and about company's  advantages of productsand technologies in the market.

With the rapid development of LED display, LED display has a much wider applications. It is required that LED display used in government and commerce should be higher-definition, and LED display technology need to be improved,therefore, small-pitch LED display came into being. Esdlumen conforms to the trend of LED market and breaks new ground in technology to produce better-quality products. Let’s expect crazy response from customers after this exhibition!
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