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Eastar Small Pixel Pitch VE Series LED Display Won the 2018 German Red Dot Design Award

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Eastar Small Pixel Pitch VE Series LED Display Won the 2018 German Red Dot Design Award

Thanks to Esdlumen R&D Team, our VE Series has win the Red Dot Design!

On April 9, 2018 Germany Red Dot Design Award was announced, Shenzhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd. small-pitch VE series LED display successfully won the award. As far as we know, the red dot award originally develop from Germany. It is an industrial design award that matches the IF Design Award and is one of the largest and most influential competitions in the world's leading design competitions. The Red Dot Award is also known as the World's Three Design Awards together with the German “IF Award” and the US “IDEA Award”.

Eastar VE series is a small-pitch LED display with a pixel pitch from 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, to 1.9mm. The ratio of the VE series length direction pixel to the width direction pixel is 16:9, which can be easily assembled into a 2K, 4K, 8K display.

Eastar VE Series displays discover the real potential needs of users and provide more effective assistance for most display solution. After the product definition, the overall appearance, durability, ingenious function design, practicality and other multi-dimensional trade-offs, and finally the best design solution stands out.

What is the red dot award?

The German Red Dot Design Award has been in existence for more than 60 years. Through competition in product design, communication design and design concept, it attracts more than 60 countries and 10 thousand design works submitted for the competition each year,  and the winning works will be available at the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany, and the opportunity to participate in the awards ceremony. The Red Dot Award is recognized as one of the largest and most influential competitions in the world's leading design competitions, therefore is even known as the “Oscar” in the design world. After the judges evaluate the innovation level, function, ergonomics, ecological impact and durability of the participating products, the winners will be selected. Eastar is recognized by international authorities for its small pitch VE series LED display.

VE series display solves the problem of power failure, and uses double backup for key components to ensure its stability. At the same time, it solves the problem of gap splicing. After clever design, it can solve the problem of assembly gap perfectly. In terms of display effect, VE series adopts cutting-edge chip control technology, the picture will not be distorted when the brightness is very low, ensuring the display authenticity; the color display 18Bit, the image can be rotated at any angle, the connection diagram automatically displays and recognizes, significantly enhances the image The detailed performance makes the image clearer and more complete, which enhances the customer's brand reputation.

The VE series is widely used in monitoring applications such as monitoring centers, command and dispatch centers, conference rooms, military-grade seamless high-definition video walls, etc., to achieve a breakthrough in particle-free viewing, which is superior to projection, DLP, and LCD. The first generation shows the product.

At present, the small pitch has become the mainstream of the LED display market, and it has been recognized by a professional international design award. It is a further affirmation of Eastar's innovation, product research and development strength, and design excellence. In the future, Eastar will continue to work hard with the industry to focus on creating smarter, more user-friendly, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED display products, so that China's LED display industry has always been in the leading position of innovation.
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