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METAGO -- LT162 4K
  • METAGO -- LT162 4K

METAGO -- LT162 4K

The Integrated LED Display Terminal

All-in-One LED Screen

Present Intelligently. Work Efficiently.

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LT162 4K

4K Vision, Just Right At Hand

4K Cinematic Enjoyment

4K high resolution generates cinematic magnificent vision in full details. Low blue light and smart brightness adjustment offer higher viewing comfort without visual fatigue.

True-to-Life Presentation

NTSC-broadcasting-level color gamut delivers more enticing presentation. LianTronics Mini LED display technology grants class-leading color rendition to deliver more natural and lifelike images.

Enhanced Protection

One-piece molded cabinet with fully enclosed back cover brings IP60 high protection at the rear. 4-in-1 packaging enhances the anti-collision capability of the pixels.

High Stability

Built-in power supply attaching to aluminum back cover and external thermal slots bring excellent heat dissipation to stabilize running in long time. Golden finger connectors between modules and cabinets reduce poor connection risks.

Install & Maintain with Ease

Larger-sized high-precision cabinet benefits faster installation with higher flatness. Front maintenance is friendly and space saving.

Model LT162 4k
Display Aspect Ratio (inch) 162
Size WxH (mm) 3607*2154
Panel Resolution (Pixel) 3840*2160
+31 620644942